Getting started

March 6, 2016

The basics

  1. Download an appropriate application from Google Play

    Irdify is not responsible for the software functionality, it is developed by third parties. We have tested these applications and they are both compatible:

  2. Plug Irdify into the audio jack port on your smartphone
  3. Increase the volume to the maximum
  4. Start the app and select the brand and the model of the device you want to control
  5. Use the layout of the buttons inside the app to control devices

Irdify One works without any batteries using merely the power from your phone’s jack. In case it seems to not work, be sure to try every point of the following.

Irdify Plus, on the other hand, contains built-in micro-batteries and works with the vast majority of Android devices and the luminous intensity of transmitted signal is higher.


What to do if Irdify isn’t working after trying the basics

  • First check if the LED light on the front side of Irdify flashes. These LEDs are infrared and therefore are not visible by eye. You can aim a digital camera on Irdify, which will display the light in purple color. While pressing some of the control buttons inside the app, the light should flash.
  • The LED lights has the highest intensity if you aim your camera directly on the head of your Irdify.
  • If you see purple rays flashing on the camera, your Irdify is working. Under these conditions, if you are unable to control the selected device, try the following:
    • Reduce the distance between Irdify and the controlled device (this step may be crucial mainly for Irdify One if your mobile device has voltage sufficient to light the LED but not sufficient to control devices from longer distance)
    • Make sure that the media volume is increased to the maximum
    • Try checking the correctness of the selected device’s brand and model or selecting other model from that brand
    • Aim your phone with Irdify directly on the reciever of the device.
  • If you don’t see infrared light on the camera, try the following:
    • Make sure, that you had plugged in Irdify before opening app
    • Restart the app
    • Increase volume to the maximum
    • Check that Irdify is fully plugged in your phone

You can find more information in About product section. If problems with Irdify remain after trying all the points mentioned above or you didn’t find answer to your question, feel free to contact us at .