About product

February 26, 2016

Our student company Irdify is focused on infrared remote controllers. Those are just common remotes of televisions, radios, projectors, set-top boxes, players, climate systems and many more. These devices appear mainly in households and are a nearly inseparable part of everyday life. We decided to bring practical, simply controllable and accessible innovation right in this area.

Introduction to remote controllers

Many devices in households and their remote controllers use technology of infrared light (IR). Such light has higher frequency than spectrum of visible light and it is not possible to observe it with eyes. There is an infrared transmitter at the front side of remote controllers which is activated by pressing a button and afterwards it sends a light signal – series of very short flashes. Infrared receiver (e.g. television) notices and captures the signal and subsequently performs desired action (e.g. switching channel, changing volume). Every device can use distinct codes transmitted by the remote and that is the reason why common remotes are not universal.

What does Irdify bring

The primary product of our company is small infrared remote controller pluggable into an audio jack port of mobile phones (into a connector for headphones). With the right mobile application, it can control various devices and so replace large amount of common remote controllers in households.

It works in a way that user first plugs Irdify into his mobile phone and increases media volume to the maximum. Then chooses the brand and model of the device he plans to control, so the application will know, which set of codes are supposed to be transmitted. By pressing a button, the application generates a sound wave that is sent to Irdify through the audio port. At the impulse of the wave, Irdify flashes infrared light the same way as common remote controllers and so is undistinguishable from the remotes.

The company Irdify takes no responsibility for the software develompent. Read more information in the section Getting started.

We offer 2 versions of the universal controller Irdify:

  • Irdify One – our first version, is made of two parallel infrared LED diodes, which easily use the voltage given by the smartphone while generating the audiowave  by the application. However, often happenes that your smartphone´s audio output even with maximized volume is just insufficient to light the diodes.
  • Irdify Plus – new generation with built-in microbattery for better lightning and better support for more devices. Energy consumed by the infrared LED diode is even with everyday usage very low compared to battery life. The integrated circle in Irdify Plus is refined so it is capable of using just one LED diode. Therefor this version works with much bigger amount of devices.

How to spot infrared light

Digital cameras (e.g. in smartphones) are capable of spotting infrared light and display it by purple colour. Try to set a remote control in front of the camera and press any key – on the camera you should see a quick blick of purple light. With Irdify it works the same way, you can test it just like any remote control – instead of controlling some device, target Irdify on the camera and if you performed all steps from the section Getting started correctly, you will see a purple blick on the display of the camera.