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Introducing you a nifty universal remote controller

Use with your phone

Irdify One comes in the form of an audio jack plug allowing your smartphone to become an infrared controller. It’s easy to use with the appropriate app and is compatible with a lot of android devices.


Supports a high variety of smartphones and infrared controlled devices.


Carry Irdify One in your pocket and be ready for any situation with the universal remote controller. It’s so small that it can fit even into the smallest pocket.


Comes in different beautiful colors. Find it out in the next sections.

Irdify Plus

The new generation model - a robust replacement of remote controllers
Pure aim on usage mixed with reliability

Along with One, we wanted to bring a bigger, more reliable and compatible device which is comfortable enough to replace remote controllers in everyday use.

Its components are carefully chosen and arranged to make the best experience from usage with the vast majority of smartphones.

With the appropriate app, you can have a remote controller which gives you power over your household.

  • Smartphone Compatibility

    Compatible with the vast majority of android smartphones.

  • Device compatibility

    Irdify Plus can be used to controll a high variety of infrared devices.

  • Power

    Packed with own batteries, the model Plus is powerfull and controlls devices from longer distance.

  • Reliability

    Containing a robust and intelligent composition of components.


And who are we? We are a team of 20 highschool students with a straightforward vision – to offer innovation right to your household. That is the reason, why we have created Irdify – from the beginning we have trusted that our student company is able to bring an invention, which is easy to use, practical and affordable.
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Our student company was set up at grammar school Poštová 9, Košice (Slovakia) thanks to educational program Applied economy of non-profit organization JA Slovakia.

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